Provide high quality, timely, and accurate imagery for improved decision making.
Our data enables more efficient claims, quoting, and renewal processes to better serve and aid policy holders.

Location Intelligence

Digitization of Location Intelligence to Meet Changing Expectations

Addressing the changing American business landscape, with an eye towards ESG, is critical for the current digital transformation of the insurance industry. This coupled with the escalating frequency, and severity of extreme weather-related events and increasing losses, threaten the viability of insurers' books of businesses and investment portfolios. As the industry evolves, insurance companies are now looking fo new technology to help innovate and replace obsolete legacy systems to improve operational efficiencies.


Ai PRIME captures state-of-the-art high-resolution mapping grade imagery at scale for our customers. Our goal is to provide Actionable Intelligence derived from highly accurate location data that can be used as a digitized resource providing a visual source of truth for claim research and processing, risk mitigation, underwriting, pricing, process improvements, and renewal support.

To navigate the ever-increasing availability of digital resources in the U.S. insurance environment, we offer a ready-made solution. Ai PRIME's software as a service (SaaS) platform allows customers to access, share, and use regularly updated data easily. We utilize state-of-the-art cameras and processing systems to produce imagery from 5-10 cm resolution with 10-40cm horizontal accuracy in 2D and 3D datasets. Our highly coveted Change Detection software analyzes and detects changes on a pixel-by-pixel basis, and we also provide expert GIS services and insurance-based analytics.

Using Ai PRIME's tools and resources you gain the valuable insights needed to better meet your client's needs.  

Source: NOAA/NHC CAT 3 Storm Surge Inundation Puerto Rico

Obtain Resources and Meet Your Requirements

Ai PRIME regularly updates data for a majority of customers creating a visual historical record of asset conditions. This digital record provides the data required for potential risk identification, before & after comparisons, and cause & effect of damage analysis.

Scalable Support and Customer Service

Entrust Ai PRIME to provide you with around-the-clock access to your data hosted via our easy-to-use online platform, data streams, or APIs. Rely on our professional IT and GIS support teams to fulfil your needs and requests.

Customizable Imagery Schedule and Services

Ai PRIME regularly updates data for a majority of customers creating a visual historical record of asset conditions. This digital record provides the data required for potential risk identification, before & after comparisons, and cause & effect of damage analysis.

High Quality Product Delivery Assurance

Our cameras and sensors were specifically designed to capture high-resolution orthographic and oblique imagery with supporting data - all of which are run through a streamlined processing system. Collection and processing capabilities are continually optimized to ensure a successful product delivery regardless of size, scope, or location.

Accommodate The Full Policy Lifecycle

Data and imagery provided by Ai PRIME will support you through every stage of the development lifecycle. Guaranteeing you’ll have the necessary details and resources required to complete any workflow with confidence and accuracy.

Data Accuracy for Remote Certainty from Anywhere

Our regularly updated high-resolution imagery provides data-driven insight, analytics, and visual content at your fingertips - ensuring you have the necessary property details at your desk, replacing the need for many on-site inspections.

Additional Industries served: Residential and Commercial Real Estate, Insurance, Agricultural, Property Management, Financial Institutions etc.

Ai PRIME provides insurers with high quality location intelligence needed for decisive decision making.

Our product offers insurance providers with the tools and acumen required to perform diligent analytics for risk and loss evaluations through the complete lifecycle of a policy.

Faster Claims Processing with Improved Resource Allocation

Relieve field inspectors from more standard/routine catastrophic claims by performing remote damage assessments drastically reducing time spent to complete. As a result, you have the ability to prioritize efforts.

Policy Renewal and Risk Mitigation

Utilize refreshed imagery to identify changes and additions found on a property and recognize opportunities to mitigate associated risks. Our data will allow you to prioritize inspections for policy renewal and offer guidance in ensuring a customer’s property is adequately insured.

Perform Inspections Remotely

Avoid in-person inspections and reduce costs by utilizing your computer or smart device to access our high-resolution, current imagery. Review historical imagery and data to appraise impacts.
Repair estimate preparation and scope of loss reports development can be easily recognized, verified, and observed thanks to our consistent and reliable imagery.

Claims Results You can Count on

Historical data provides the necessary means to justify decisions made on a claim. Damage assessments and repair estimates for damaged property can be easily validated with before and after timestamped imagery. As the source of truth, the imagery will support your findings and help mitigate potential disputes.

Work Smarter with Ai PRIME

Elevate your systems and processes with high-resolution, accurate, and up-to-date imagery. Establish property data metrics for new policies by incorporating our location intelligence into your existing models to formulate new and decisive decision-making techniques.

Choose how to Explore your Parcels

AI PRIME High Resolution Imagery

  • Resolution: 5-10 cm (2" - 4")
  • Horizontal Accuracy: 10 - 40 cm
  • DEM - Vertical Accuracy 10-40 cm
  • Measurable Features

AI PRIME Coverage

  • Continental US - 48 States
  • Puerto Rico (Entire Island)
  • Urban and Rural areas

AI PRIME Oblique Imagery

  • Resolution: 5-10 cm (2" - 4")
  • Adjustable 3D Aerial Perspectives with Full View Control
  • All Available Directional Aspects Available and at Your Control
  • Highly Accurate Measurable Features

Ai PRIME 3D: Digital Surface Model (DSM)

  • Resolution: 15cm (6")
  • Surface Elevation layer w/ High Resolution and High Horizontal Accuracy
  • Available for export as GeoTiff from Ai PRIME DEM and orthomosaics
  • True Ortho available for Cities

AI PRIME AI/ML/Deep Learning

  • View AI Layers on Ai PRIME platform with object identification
  • AI/ML/DL Learning Algorithms automated to detect roof conditions, building footprints, solar panels, pools, vegetation height and more.
  • Sharable workspaces, annotations, APIs, and data streaming help simplify third-party integration

Ai PRIME Emergency Response Support

  • Serving the specific needs of our customers when needed the most
  • Priority Evaluations: Hurricanes, Tornados, and Wildfires
  • Measure and Estimate Damage: length, area, or radius.
  • Ai PRIME ERS features are adaptable to meet customers' specific needs. Contact for more.